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Koyel Ringtone Download

Koyel Ringtone Download

As a versatile singer, songwriter, and producer, I’m currently seeking a dynamic band to collaborate with for live performances. My vocal style draws inspiration from legendary artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn, Amy Winehouse, and Adele, infusing my performances with soulful richness and emotive depth. When I step onto the stage, I … Read more

Anil Arun Ringtone Download

Anil-Arun, the renowned Indian music director duo, comprised of Anil Mohile, a versatile music director and arranger, and Arun Paudwal, an accomplished music director. Their collaborative efforts have significantly enriched the Marathi film industry. Despite pursuing individual projects at various stages of their careers, Anil-Arun reunited for numerous Marathi ventures. Anuradha Paudwal, a distinguished singer … Read more

Kamaljit Singh Ringtone Download

Kamaljit Singh Ringtone Download

Kamaljit Singh, born on December 28, 1995, is a notable Indian footballer renowned for his prowess as a goalkeeper. Currently donning the colors of East Bengal in the Indian Super League, Singh’s journey in professional football began at the AIFF Academy. However, his breakthrough came when he secured a deal with Sporting Clube de Goa … Read more

Haimanti Shukla: A Melodious Maestro

In the enchanting realm of music, Haimanti Shukla emerges as a luminary, her melodious voice transcending boundaries and captivating hearts far and wide. With a foundation rooted in classical training and a wealth of experience, she has etched her name indelibly in the annals of Bengal’s musical legacy. A Symphony of Talent and Versatility Haimanti … Read more

Remembering Gurpreet Kaur: A Musical Legacy

Gurpreet Kaur, a talented musician, singer, and composer, graced the world with her musical prowess and devotion to Gurbani Shabads in the Indian Classical style. Her untimely departure on September 12, 2016, left a void in the hearts of many who cherished her soulful melodies and contributions to the world of music. Let us delve … Read more

Anil Biswas Ringtone Download

Anil Biswas, a luminary of Bollywood’s golden era spanning the 1940s and 1950s, left an indelible mark on Indian film music. Often hailed as the trailblazer who pioneered the integration of full orchestration into cinematic soundscapes, his contributions resonate through generations. Beyond his musical innovations, Biswas served as a mentor to illustrious talents such as … Read more

Surinder Shinda Ringtone Download

Surinder Shinda, the celebrated Indian singer and actor, boasts an impressive array of hit songs under his belt, including classics like “Putt Jattan De”, ‘Truck Billiya”, “Balbiro Bhabhi”, and “Kaher Singh Di Mout”. His contributions to Punjabi cinema are equally noteworthy, with memorable appearances in films such as Putt Jattan De and Uccha Dar Babbe … Read more

Raghav Mathur Ringtone Download

Raghav Mathur (born April 2, 1981), known professionally as Raghav, is a Canadian singer. He has released three studio albums: the debut Storyteller in 2004, Identity in 2009, and The Phoenix in 2012. His most known commercial success was with “Angel Eyes” which peaked at number 7 in the UK in 2005. His singles “So … Read more

Anupama Deshpande Ringtone Download

Anupama Deshpande Ringtone Download

Anupama Deshapande, a renowned Bollywood playback singer, clinched the prestigious Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer with her rendition of the folk song “Sohni Chinab De” from the film Sohni Mahiwal (1984). Originally intended for Asha Bhonsle, who was occupied at the time, the song was recorded by Annu Malik with Anupama Deshpande’s vocals. … Read more

Krishna Beura Ringtone Download

Krishna Beuraa is an Indian playback singer who has sung songs in commercial Hindi and multi language Indian regional cinemas and albums. Mostly known for his hit songs “Maula Mere” from the film Chak De India, “Main Jahan Rahoon” from the film Namaste London, “Rabba” (Musafir) and “Soniyo from the Heart” (Raaz-2). He can sing … Read more