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Koyel Ringtone Download

As a versatile singer, songwriter, and producer, I’m currently seeking a dynamic band to collaborate with for live performances. My vocal style draws inspiration from legendary artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn, Amy Winehouse, and Adele, infusing my performances with soulful richness and emotive depth.

When I step onto the stage, I bring an electrifying energy, channeling the dynamic presence of icons like Tina Turner to captivate audiences and create memorable experiences. I believe in the power of live music to connect with listeners, and I expect the band to share this passion, delivering vibrant performances that resonate with the crowd.

Koyel Ringtone Download
Koyel Ringtone Download

Critics have likened my vocals to the smooth allure of Sade and the hypnotic vibes of Morcheeba, highlighting my ability to convey emotion and attitude through song. With each performance, I aim to infuse every note with genuine expression and a touch of swagger, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

Koyel Ringtone Download MP3

Koyel Ringtone Download MP3
Koyel Ringtone Download MP3
Barish Ki Ye Bundein Ringtone DownloadKoyelIshq Bawari05:03
Halki Halki Subha Ho Ringtone DownloadKoyelIshq Bawari04:53
Ishq Mein Jina Ishq Mein Marna Ringtone DownloadKoyel, Anup JalotaIshq Bawari04:59
Kuch Ankahi Baatein Ringtone DownloadKoyelIshq Bawari05:53
Phoolon Se Bhi Nazuk Hai Tu Ringtone DownloadAnup JalotaIshq Bawari05:07
Sajna Tere Ishq Mein Ringtone DownloadKoyelIshq Bawari04:59
Ye Rishta Pyara Ringtone DownloadKoyelIshq Bawari04:34
Tanhayi Ishq Ki Ye Tanhayi Ringtone DownloadKoyel, Anup JalotaIshq Bawari06:45
Ektuku Chowa Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KoyelHridoy Majhe04:07
Tumhi Robe Neerobe Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KoyelHridoy Majhe04:42
Pinakete Laage Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KoyelHridoy Majhe03:13
Amaro Porano Jaha Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KoyelHridoy Majhe05:17
Chokher Aloy Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KoyelHridoy Majhe04:59
Madhuro Madhuro Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KoyelHridoy Majhe04:36
Aji Jharojharo Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KoyelHridoy Majhe03:40
Amar Mon Mane Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KoyelHridoy Majhe04:43
Ami Pothbhola Ek Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KoyelHridoy Majhe05:08
Amar Sakol Roser Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KoyelHridoy Majhe03:38
Kono Aalo Nei Kach Ke Ringtone DownloadKoyelEk Mutho Aakash03:53
Kichu Katha Aache Ringtone DownloadKoyelEk Mutho Aakash04:39
Chandini – Ei Mon Tomake Chai Ringtone DownloadShaanNil Akashe Chandini04:46
Ekmutho Aakash Ringtone DownloadKoyelEk Mutho Aakash03:42
Ei Nijjhum Dupure Ringtone DownloadKoyelEk Mutho Aakash05:00
Saiya – Bhalobasa Swapno Chobi Ringtone DownloadShaan, Mahalakshmi IyerNil Akashe Chandini05:40
Ekhono Maakheni Ringtone DownloadKoyelEk Mutho Aakash05:52
Nijjhum Nijjhum Raat Ringtone DownloadKoyelEk Mutho Aakash04:58
Bhalobeshe Chaina Ami Kono Protidan Ringtone DownloadShaanNil Akashe Chandini06:06
Jwale Ajo Uthte Ringtone DownloadKoyelEk Mutho Aakash03:21
Ki Bhalo Lage Priya Ringtone DownloadMahalakshmi Iyer, AmbarishNil Akashe Chandini05:55
Ki Cheyechi Ki Hoy Ringtone DownloadKoyelEk Mutho Aakash03:58
Raat Jae Ringtone DownloadShaanNil Akashe Chandini04:51
Ki Bhalo Lage Priya (Male) Ringtone DownloadAmbarishNil Akashe Chandini03:57
Boro Asha Kore Ringtone DownloadShaanNil Akashe Chandini05:43
Eai Dugu Dugu Dugdugi Bajia Ringtone DownloadKoyelSeyal Rajar Biya03:02
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